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Why I'm Totally Embracing Instagram Stories

Why I'm Totally Embracing Instagram Stories

I'm going to tell you something that you could probably guess (because it's true for almost everyone I know): I can't stand the sound of my own voice.

I've struggled with understanding how anyone takes me seriously when I hear it. I sound so young, and my public speaking skills could use some serious polishing. I've presented campaigns to Fortune-50 clients over the phone, and I can only imagine them wondering why a pre-teen girl was talking strategy with them.

I'm also fairly introverted and don't care to be the center of attention in social situations. I'm still weird about getting my photo taken (selfies do NOT come naturally).

So naturally, Instagram Stories is the last place I would hang out. Right?

Starting something new

I've never had Snapchat because of the aforementioned anxieties, but there's something compelling about this new Instagram feature.

I love Instagram, and am trying to use it much more often. With this feature front and center (literally) on my feed, I want to double down and seize the opportunity to live outside my comfort zone for a while!

I hope that this challenge for myself will help improve my confidence across the board. I've been in need of an extra dose of confidence as I continue to pursue writing as an actual career (oh, yeah, if you need a writer let me know).

It's nice that I've never had a Snapchat, since I've seen so many Instagrammers dealing with the tension this new feature has created between the two platforms. I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness I'm behind on my social networking applications.

How I'll be using Instagram Stories

My primary goal with IG Stories is to talk in person about what I'm writing on the blog. I want to work on putting a face (and a voice) to the posts I'm writing. I like to see my favorite bloggers opening up and being a little vulnerable in a new medium, so I'm doing the same with you.

You'll also see me exploring LA, cooking up good stuff in the kitchen and you'll see my two goofball bunnies (of course).

So check me out on Instagram! I'm easy to find, as long as you know how to spell Ennaree (not always the easiest).

I'm looking forward to sharing my weird, unfiltered self with you.

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