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Wear the Dress Twice

Wear the Dress Twice

Even though the average marriage age for my fellow Millennials has risen, I have managed to see most of my high school friends and cousins get married in the past few years.

That means I’m free of the dreaded “what to wear” question until the next wave of weddings inevitably hits. Or, dare I say it - baby showers.

You’ve probably been there, too: staring into your closet, mentally sorting through when you wore which dress, deciding which one is “summery” enough, and worrying about matching the bridesmaids. So before you drive yourself crazy, I’m here to give you one bit of advice:

Wear the dress twice.


But it’s social suicide!

First of all, settle down. It’s a piece of clothing. Twenty years from now, you won’t remember how you dressed. But you will remember how you felt celebrating with your friends.

There is no reason to let modern style conventions dictate how you spend your hard-earned money. If you’re buying a new dress for every wedding and giving a gift, you’re going to be spending weeks of your summer pay just on weddings.

If wearing the same dress twice matters to your friends, get better friends. Seriously.

Don’t buy cheaper, buy better

Instead of purchasing half a dozen cheap dresses (I’m looking at you - yes, you in the Charlotte Russe), buy one dynamite dress.

Look for one that is easily washable and can withstand long nights of dancing and wine-spilling. Go for ethical if you can - these brands might give you a good place to start

Grab one or two quality pairs of shoes and swap back and forth between those and shoes you still have in your closet.

But most importantly, don’t just think weddings. Think long term: networking events, summer parties, holiday parties (just add tights). The more purposes your dress can serve lowers your cost-per-wear and that, my friend, is smart.

Do I even have to say it? Smart is sexy.

If you’re still not convinced

You can always get a few combinations of skirts and tops to mix things up a bit, or you can add a second dress to the rotation.

If you have a dress that makes you look and feel like the bombshell that you are, then make the most of it. It’s a great opportunity to show off your flair for accessorizing or your skills as a makeup artist. (Neither of which, I’m sad to say, I have).

So what do you think? Will you be wearing any dresses for more than one event this summer?

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