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We Painted Our Apartment Pink

We Painted Our Apartment Pink

That’s right. Not dusty rose or rusty coral, full on pink.

The color we used is even called Pink Panther. Somewhere in space and time, fourteen year old Emily is cracking open a Mountain Dew and cheersing us.

The biggest thing people say when they see it or hear about it is “how did you get Victor on board?” Well…I don’t know. We both just felt that our apartment needed something to perk it up, and when I floated this idea by him, he agreed to it. Then months, and years, passed and we’d talk about it once in a while with no real action.

So, for our ten year anniversary, and a going-out-of-business sale at the hardware store down the street to give us that final push, we set aside a weekend and did it. It transformed our apartment. And maybe our lives, but I hesitate to be too dramatic.

Just kidding, I don’t: it did change our lives.

In true Emily fashion, I decided to forego getting a ladder to reach the top of our twelve-foot ceilings and instead opted to paint a little over halfway up the walls. I won’t tell you how we did it, because I don’t know. I’ve never painted something on this scale before, and it was fun to do something so mildly permanent whilst flying by the seat of my pants. You read that right, whilst.

I can’t believe how much it’s changed how I live and breathe in this space. I thought that my decor would simplify once I had pink walls, but it’s actually grown more colorful with time. We’ve replaced our white rug with multicolored rag rugs, added a trippy rainbow garbage painting (I found it on the side of the road), and I’ve even had my eyes on some yellow dining chairs. I had originally planned to paint our teal wall back to white and swap out our yellow curtains for something more simple, but it all just looks so happy that I can’t bear to change them out.

I’ve also realized something about decorating—and just about life in general in the process.

The more I say yes to things because I like them—and not because I’m “supposed” to like them—the more authentic and welcoming my home feels.

I mean, you could have told me that, right?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if there’s something you want to say yes to, just say yes to it. And for God’s sake, get off your high horse and/or out of your pity party and don’t drag your feet as long as I did.

Is there a color you’ve always wanted to try in your home?

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