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From Bland to Brand New: My Wardrobe Overhaul with ThredUp

From Bland to Brand New: My Wardrobe Overhaul with ThredUp

Dressing myself lately has been a bit like eating nothing but oatmeal: utilitarian, and not fun.

Most of my t-shirts and dresses have holes and/or stains on them - if it's not a coffee stain, it's a wine stain. My last big clothing purchase, a versalette, has an oil stain from cooking and I recently discovered an irreparable hole on the front of it.

To say I've been feeling shabby is an understatement.

But first, a reality check:

The very fact that I have a wardrobe to complain about is a first world problem. Hashtags and snark aside, this privilege really is something to keep in mind.

I'm going to explore this more in a future post, but this year I'm working on sourcing my purchases more responsibly and intentionally. Ethical brands are at the top of my list, but since our budget is definitely tight, I'm also seeking quality secondhand items whenever I can.

My intentional secondhand wardrobe overhaul

So since my wardrobe has been downright depressing, I've been wanting to reinvigorate it for a few years.

Even during my most minimalist downsizing moments, I felt my wardrobe was not reflective of who I was. I primarily wore cheap, bland clothing that did not make me feel good.

I sought out colorful clothing in thrift shops, but never found the quality or (quite honestly) the quantity that I wanted in order to re-do my wardrobe. Enter: ThredUp.

My Thredup Haul

Here it is! The results of my first experience with ThredUp. It did not disappoint.

I was able to get 13 items for under $100 after using their new year's 40% discount code.

It's pretty easy to find a discount code for this site when you're shopping, so it's realistic to get a lot of great pieces for under $15 a piece. Plus, they were all in great condition when they arrived.

How cool is that tassle skirt? And the sequin pants? And the pleather jacket? Seeing these items in my closet and dresser makes me so happy. Like, prance-around-the-house happy.

If you're in the market for some new clothes, without wanting to directly contribute to the production of new mass-market clothes, I totally say give ThredUp a shot.

While this post is not sponsored in any way, I still want to share the referral link they sent me - you get $10, and I get $10. It's a sweet situation!

It's important to feel great in your clothes

For those of us privileged enough to have a wardrobe of clothes to choose from, it does make a huge difference to feel good in what you're wearing.

I feel more confident and present in social situations. Plus, when I put on those floral pants in the morning I can't help but skip around a little bit. Is it just me, or does something like a bright & cheerful outfit give you more energy too?

What are you planning next for your wardrobe?

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