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The Story of Ennaree

The Story of Ennaree

I’ve been blogging here at Ennaree for a little over six months, and it’s been a transformative experience. I’m still plugged into the world as a blogger, but I’m free from the constraints that my previous blog, Minimal Millennial, had on my writing.

I’ve explored this a bit before, but today I want to dive specifically  into why I’m writing this blog and sharing my stories with you.

Where it all began

I suppose there are quite a few origin stories I need to share. First, the name: Ennaree is what my brother called me when he couldn’t quite say “Emily” as a toddler. It became my first email address, my AIM screen name, then Twitter and Instagram, etc. It's always been unique, so this year I finally bought the domain name to carve out a little more of the internet for myself.

As a blogger, I started up a couple of unsustainable (and very boring) blogs before 2010. I couldn’t find my footing online, so I just stuck with pursuing my Creative Writing degree (I focused on poetry). After I graduated and started working a “real” job, I finally found the time and energy to start expressing myself online.

I outlined my journey into minimalism, and started to share some of the emotions I felt about being in the “real world,” especially regarding the weird, miserable state of people who worked in jobs they hated. I was surrounded with people like that.

After a simple mention by a well-known minimalist blogger, my traffic exploded. That gave me the push I needed to start creating content more regularly. In that time, I quit my second “real job” and moved across the country to Los Angeles, where I started to outgrow my strictly minimalist blog.

So here I am - nearly four years later, starting a new blog. And sharing it all with you.

What you can expect from this blog

My goal with this blog is twofold: to express myself and work through my own thoughts, while inspiring and empowering you to do the same. I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my sparkle in the past several years, and I’m looking to get that back (but I don’t know what that looks like).

I have so many friends and family members who are feeling the same melancholy, and I hope that this blog will help people know they are not alone. Figuratively speaking, I want this blog to extend a warm cup of coffee and a cozy blanket for my readers as we share our stories and struggles.

This blog, like so many lovely ladies that I know, won’t be just one thing. I am not particularly stylish, my home isn’t particularly beautiful, and I most certainly am not a cosmetic genius. But, you can find me here, dabbling in style, design and beauty.

Eventually, I’d like to start creating longer written content for you, although I’m not sure what form that will take yet either: I’m starting to play around with fiction writing, continuing to write poetry, and have a few ideas for (potentially) helpful eBooks up my sleeve.

Think of me as your ever-changing internet BFF who’s always happy to see you and support you in your endeavors.

So here's your formal greeting: welcome to Ennaree, my online home. I hope you enjoy yourself here!

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