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Simple Springtime Neutrals

Simple Springtime Neutrals

I’ve been at war with my wardrobe lately. I tend to keep my closet pretty minimal and any new purchases need to fit in with what I already own. But my desire for simplicity can feel like it’s in direct opposition of my desire for unique pieces.

So imagine my elation when I discovered this cream and black button-down top from Alternative Apparel. It makes me feel all the things: serious, but fun; grown-up, but totally a twenty-something; bold, but delicate.

I paired it with basic grey jean shorts I’ve owned for ten years and my single pair of sandals. Seriously, if you’re looking for durable sandals that can go with anything, check out Saltwater Sandals.

My glasses are custom frames from Luke Shades, a handmade wooden sunglasses company.

The back buttons up too and it's just so much fun!

For color, I popped on some bright pink lipstick that I've owned for far too long.

It’s hard enough to find simple pieces that make me happy (color! texture!), but I’ve also recently added an ethics clause to my shopping. 

For most clothing purchases moving forward, the company has to have at least some positive initiative regarding worker’s conditions. Bonus points if there are environmental initiatives, too. Baby steps.

Alternative Apparel uses sustainable material and works with fair and ethical factories around the world (although I'm definitely on the lookout for US-made goods). You can read a little more about their practices and standards here.

At the end of the day, endlessly shopping (even from ethical companies) isn’t the solution. Shopping is a sometimes thing, and when you do it you should try to be a researched and intentional consumer.

I’m so excited to have this top in my wardrobe since I can wear it in so many different ways, and I can see it being a part of my style for many years to come.

Do you have shopping guidelines for yourself?

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