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Reflecting on my 2016 Intentions

Reflecting on my 2016 Intentions

Last year, I came up with three guiding words to lead me through 2016. It was based on an idea I read in a Chris Brogan post, which spoke to me because I've always wanted something a little more flexible than the typical New Year's Resolution.

My words for last year were nourish, rhythm and balance. I wrote about why I chose each word on my old blog here, and I'm grateful to my past self for allowing room to change and to grow into the words.

Here's what I've learned with each of these words in mind this year.


I originally intended this word to support my relationships, but I expanded the meaning to support my physical health as well. I've worked hard to learn new recipes and to start educating myself even more about how to care for my body.

 Of the three words, this one came up most often as a necessity for me this year.  


This year was a year of disruptions, especially in the financial aspect of our life. It was difficult to anchor ourselves with some common thread, but my husband and I started to get into a rhythm in the last three months of the year.

We've both found that working out at least once every day has helped to build a foundation for our days, and I've learned that it's also one of the most difficult things to make time for.


This is a difficult word to reflect on during the holiday season, but I'm proud of what I did this year to work on my balance in all areas of my life. It all stems from one event: I joined a yoga studio.

Literally, my balance has improved. But there's so much more: now that I have the studio, I have a life outside of working from home. I just started working at the front desk a couple of months ago, and it's paying off in friendships and a new sense of personal agency.

It was a big step for me to get outside of my comfort zone, but I already feel that it's the beginning of something profound and revolutionary in my life.

Words instead of resolutions

I'm so glad that I chose words instead of making hard-and-fast resolutions for 2016, because I can't look at any of these and say that "I failed." What I can say is that I can improve in each of these areas, and that 2016 taught me how how to work with myself in order to do so.

And if there's anything I've learned this year it's that it's a lot nicer when you're kind to yourself.

I'm planning a coffee date with myself this weekend to reflect and prepare my 2017 intentions, and I hope you get a few moments to do the same.

How did your intentions for 2016 go? Did you learn anything unexpected about yourself this year?

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