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A Single Pair of Sandals

A Single Pair of Sandals

Back in 2013, I celebrated because I had reduced my extensive shoe collection to seventeen pairs.

I've read different posts saying that the average woman owns between 20 and 27 pairs of shoes, so that number actually falls a little below average. But to me, it's still too many.

If shoes are your thing, great! (Like these lovely style bloggers.) They're just not my thing.

After reconsidering my needs, I reduced my collection to six pairs. There are a lot of shoes I no longer need since we moved from Indiana to California, but living ten miles from the beach doesn't mean that I need more sandals.

In fact, I own fewer than I did in Indiana: I own one single pair. And as crazy as it might sound, I believe that we can all get by with just one pair.

My one pair of sandals

My Salt Water Sandals have been through a year of being my primary footwear, and you'd never believe it. They're comfortable, safe (I was tripping all the time in my previous pair) and adorable with almost anything.

I might invest in a black or red pair someday, but for now I'm sticking with my trusted camel-colored pair. I can't imagine ever switching back to my cheap Target-brand sandals.

The only thing that would make them better, although I'm not sure if the quality would suffer, would be if the leather was vegan. Well-outlined fair trade and ethical business practices wouldn't hurt, either.

Your one pair of sandals

It's not as scary as you'd think to have only one pair of sandals - it's liberating. No more debating which one of five pairs looks best with that dress.

If you want to cut down, think about these three factors:

Classic style

To rock a single pair of sandals this year, look for something that's not too trendy or overdone. Heaps of jewels may catch your eye, but remember that they can fall out, meaning you might not get as many miles out of the sandals as you'd like.

Look for a simple, classic shape that you can foresee wearing in multiple settings (heels don't work well on long walks). Sturdiness is also essential – look for secure straps, quality materials and try to stay away from those little stretchy things by the clasps. They break.

Multipurpose color

Black, charcoal or brown are obvious colors – I chose brown because it's less harsh and still goes with my black dresses.

Take a look at your closet – would a red or blue pair work better? Maybe yellow or pink? Get whatever matches the most of your clothing. Just be sure you're happy to wear it all day every day.


This is so important. I had a pair of sandals that were just a little too big for my feet, and I bit the dust half a dozen times before I decided that they just weren't working for me.

Make sure that your sandals don't give you blisters, have adequate ankle and arch support, and are (obviously) the perfect size. I took a chance online and ordered without trying the shoes on, but it all worked out.

If you're too nervous about that gamble, find a store that sells the brand you're looking for and try them on first.

Are you willing to take the plunge with a single pair of sandals this summer? Am I committing a terrible style crime, or is this a reasonable effort?

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