The Josh Groban Concert that Got Me to Dream Again

Two weeks ago, I decided at the last minute to purchase tickets to see Josh Groban. Even the tickets that were at the very back on the stadium-like bleachers at The Greek Theatre set us back over $150, so it was a financial stretch for us.

But we got to go to the concert, and I didn't feel bad about it!

As soon as I purchased the tickets, I felt something resolve inside me. I followed the path of least self-resistance and did what I felt was the best for me in that (quite fortunate and privileged) situation.

The rewards of following my flow

As dusk settled over the mountains surrounding us, we shivered and watched Foy Vance and Sarah McLachlan's divine opening performances.

 The view from our original seats. The Greek is breathtaking.

The view from our original seats. The Greek is breathtaking.

When Josh Groban arrived on stage, he noted that this was actually his first night back at The Greek Theatre since recording his live concert DVD twelve years ago. The performance that 14-year-old Emily watched while she dreamt of doing big things with her life.

During the second song, an usher sidled up to us on the cold metal bench.

"Want to upgrade your tickets?"

Of course! I thought that maybe we could at least get a little closer while sitting in more comfortable seats. Instead, they sent us all the way up to the front to where we could see everything happening on stage without looking at the giant screens.

 It's a terrible photo, but this is how close we ended up sitting. Who do I thank for this?

It's a terrible photo, but this is how close we ended up sitting. Who do I thank for this?

I lost it. I watched Josh perform the drum solo that I drooled over as a teenage girl, play songs that I missed seeing live, sing foreign-language songs that I know by heart and perform a song from his upcoming Broadway debut.

What does this have to do with dreams, anyway?

When I was a teenager, I had high aspirations. I wanted to be a musician. I wanted to write songs for Josh Groban. I wanted to be a fashion designer. I wanted to be a poet. I wanted to get caught up in a whirlwind of creative city life.

I wanted to live a surprising life that made an impact on others.

Now over ten years later, I realized that I lost that drive. I've been feeling too old to make any big changes, which is a pity because I'm not even four in dog years.

And after this concert, I felt that cynicism break down. The only person stopping me from trying to do any of these things is me.

So here's to a new season of life

I have so much to say about discovering and rediscovering dreams that I don't want to bury them in this post about a concert I went to one time. I know that not everyone will resonate with my Josh Groban story, so expect more substantial and less Groban-y posts in the future.

The plan now is to aggressively pursue activities that make me happy. I'm backing off a little on my "day job" so that I can make more space for writing, reading and yoga.

It feels perfect as the seasons are literally changing and I'm drinking the first (overrated) pumpkin latte of the year. Is there a change that you've been wanting to make?

What will trigger the next season of life for you?