I'm Quitting Social Media Self-Promotion

To keep the momentum of my "return to writing" going, I'm doing something big.

I'm ditching all social media promotion, other than the auto-tweets and pins that send out when I publish a post. I won't go out of my way to create Pinterest-friendly images or Buffer my posts between other tweets.

I'm ditching those "biggest blogging secrets to generate massive traffic", and I'm going to focus on what I enjoy most: publishing my writing.

My disenchantment with social media

Alongside my writing hiatus, I've also taken a break from social media. Sure, seeing my follower count go up was fun. But that just created more disappointment when I saw how successful other people were online.  The more I got involved, the less happy I was about everything.

Every time I saw a new post, I couldn't help but think how fake everything was. I felt lied to from the accounts that I used to enjoy following. Surely, no one is that happy or that enthusiastic about donuts, right?

Bad #vibes.

Then I saw that I was part of it - I was projecting a version of myself that didn't really exist. And for someone who's trying to be more genuine in her writing, that's indefensible.

My December #goals

This month, I'm going to focus on writing. I want to tell you stories about dumpster shirts and knots and ask you the question: should I be taking more pictures?

I won't be taking the time to tweet for the sake of tweeting, or work on building my Pinterest traffic.

I'll make sure my posts have a pretty picture for the sake of aesthetics, but I won't add text or do anything to make it more shareable. And of course, "clickable" won't be my first priority when choosing a title for my posts.

It's all part of my effort to remove as many barriers as I can for myself. The easier something is to do, the more likely a human is to actually do it.

Free yourself from things that get between you and your happiness.