I Can Read The Future (And You Can, Too!)

I've been reading the future a lot lately. Outcomes of phone calls, responses to social media posts, real-life interactions, you name it—I will tell you what will happen.

Since, during my predictions, I usually see that the results will not work in my favor, I end up avoiding doing that particular thing so that I can avoid that negative outcome. It's like I'm driving on a country road and I know that there are potholes coming up, so I happily avoid them without having to swerve at the last minute.

The only problem is that my roads have been appearing quite full of potholes so I've slowed to a complete crawl. Hell, I've practically parked the car because my mind's eye sees so many potholes.

See where this is going?

I can read the future but my avoidance is the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. If I do not try, I cannot fail. Yay for not failing! But if I do not try, I also cannot succeed. Boo.

It's human nature to want to predict outcomes, to make ourselves feel safe and in control, but this mystical ability doesn't do us any favors. We're literally shooting down those sweet little birds of progress whenever we say "yeah, I could do that but _______". It's like duck hunt for our hopes and dreams, and we're the willing hunter.

All this to say—I'm back. I'm back here blogging and writing, and after a month of "planning" I still have no concrete ideas of what I want this space to be. But try as I might, I've built a moat of imaginary potholes around myself as far as the eye can see, so it's time to just build a boat and cross them or else I'll be in this dumb castle forever.

No offense to castles, but you get me. Let's stop telling the future and start living it instead.