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I'll Just Say It: I Wrote A Piece For BBC Capital, And I'm Stoked

I'll Just Say It: I Wrote A Piece For BBC Capital, And I'm Stoked

I’ll make this short.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece on why I’m chilling tf out on my exclamation point usage, and I had no idea it would resonate like it did.

Women—literally—were telling me in the comments that it was something they desperately needed to hear. I had a real moment of learning and curiosity when I was writing the piece, and it ended up translating to The Good Trade’s readers in a special, communal way. Yay.

And then, I woke up and discovered a message from an editor at BBC Capital, BBC’s work-oriented section. She wanted to me to write a similar piece for them. And I did.

Rather than diminishing my work by giving you a series of justifications and explanations, I’ll just let you read it here.

It all stems from some thoughts around how I’m spending my time, what I want to create with it, and who I’m spending it with. Something as simple as exclamation points signals to others (and to myself) that their wants are more important than my needs. And I’m actively trying to undo the years I’ve wrapped up in trying to get people to like me.

And the cumulative days—no, weeks—that I’ve spent worrying about whether or not I was palatable for other people.

Anyone else tired of this? Or just tired in general?

Because jeez louise, I sure am.

Letting Go Of My Old Blog

Letting Go Of My Old Blog