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DIY Crochet Cord Covers

DIY Crochet Cord Covers

With two rabbits running around, I have to get really creative with how I protect my apartment from their little teeth. There's masking tape on the baseboard and electric tape on cords (mostly to cover up gnaw marks after the fact).

Needless to say, I need some attractive ways to protect the cords I have running around my desk. Enter: crochet cord covers.

This is a super simple project that beginner crocheters can easily handle. The most difficult part is picking out the yarn!

Getting started

All you'll need is a crochet hook (I used a 5.5mm I hook), yarn, and some ugly cords. Create a loop to start with, and then you're all ready!

While the initial loop sits on your hook, move your needle around the cord to hook the yarn from the opposite side of the cord. Pull the yarn so you have two loops on the needle, then hook the yarn again to pull it through those two loops.

It's the same easy single crochet stitch the whole way through. Here's my step by step once you get rolling:

Take your crochet hook behind the cord and hook the yarn.

Hook a bit of the yarn to pull it through both loops on your needle.

Pull the yarn to the front so that you have two loops on your needle.

And pull it through! 

Keep going, adjusting and pulling back your previous work as you go. I wanted to hide as much of the cord as possible, so I scrunched up the stitches pretty closely.

To end it, start from the point in the fourth picture above and just pull a single stitch of yarn through the loop on your hook (a single crochet). I like to take the loop on the hook, stretch it out, and cut right in the middle of it. Pull that "tail" of yarn (usually a couple of inches) tight, and then weave it into the work.

You can start and stop as many colors as you would like, or use multicolored yarn for a neat effect! Here's the "cord collection" that I keep in a pot by my desk now that it's a little prettier:

Happy stitching!

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