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Creating White Space in Your Home

Creating White Space in Your Home

If you’re anything like me, it’s next to impossible for you to keep a surface clean for more than a few minutes. As I write this, my dining table is covered in crochet projects, calligraphy practice and other random clutter.

It’s incredibly stressful.

So I’ve decided to dedicate one surface to nothing but useful and beautiful things: the top of my dresser.

How to create white space

Like any good designer knows, well-used white space is an essential element of good work. I’m no designer, but it is a thing that I’ve heard.

But why not use that same principle in your home?

You can do it by overhauling everything and getting rid of half the furnishings in your home, or you can take it down a few notches. I chose just one surface for now, since I’m cultivating a habit of clearing spaces when I’m done with them.

Find a surface you see (but don’t necessarily use) regularly. Take everything off and give it a good wipe down - who knows when the last time you dusted was?

Now comes the fun part. Add back only the items that are absolutely essential for that surface. For me, it’s the books I am reading before bed, a journal, chapstick, and my essential oils and diffuser. Keep it simple and functional.

After those are set up, you can add in a few things that make you happy.

For me, it is a heart-shaped rock some dear friends brought us from the shores of Lake Michigan, a llama with a bow from my best friend, a little bear from my family, and a rabbit an old coworker brought me from Colorado.

Again, keep this simple but choose the best of the best. You might even consider pulling a beautiful object from another part of your home so it can have the space and attention it deserves.

How to maintain white space

Yeah, so this is the hard part. I’ve made it a rule to remove anything the second I am done with it on that surface.

If I need to place a cup or a mug on the dresser before bed, I bring it to the kitchen when I wake. 

Since everything else in the apartment is chaos, this is my little oasis of (literal) white space. It brings me peace before bed and it makes me smile in the mornings.

Where is your white space?

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