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August Magic & Goals for the Month

August Magic & Goals for the Month

I've always liked August. Aside from the golden-hot evenings and the changing Midwestern air, it was always the month that I started back to school.

And this girl loved school.

Putting together my schedule, meeting new teachers, getting fresh notebooks and sipping the first spiced coffee of the year all happened in August. Without school, August has become a bit of a bittersweet month for me.

Where are my clean-lined notebooks? And the non-frayed highlighters that I didn't really need? And the used and yellowed books of literature that I would never have read outside of class (and that I inevitably fell in love with).

All the newness has faded in the five Augusts I've had since I graduated college, and I have a nagging homesickness for that feeling.

The busyness of August

Nowadays, August has become a different kind of busy. The year is halfway gone, and we're heading full steam into autumn. Time is an unrelenting bitch, is she not?

Out here in California, we're feeling the stress of holiday visits and worrying about how to wrap up our finances for the year without going mad.

There's something about August as a non-student that reminds me that we're running out of time in the current calendar year. Because once October hits, the blur of the holidays is the only thing standing between me and 2017.

Does anyone else feel this way? August is way more chaotic now that I'm an adult out of school. I miss those childhood evenings at the pool, splashing around to the sounds of Smash Mouth and Len.

August goals

So tonight, I want to outline some goals that might help me restore some of August's glory. I hope some of these can resonate with you and help you create your own magical August.

I'm splitting my goals into several categories this month:

  • Education (getting in that back-to-school spirit)
  • Home
  • Health
  • Blogging
  • Work (this one is boring, so I won't go into detail)


I am about halfway through Letters from a Stoic, and I have been enjoying Seneca's wisdom. While I don't necessarily feel like Stoicism will be my new philosophy, I am learning some valuable lessons and expanding my philosophical education.

On top of that, I have a nonfiction book and a book of poetry that I'd like to read this month. With our new schedule, we've allotted much more time for reading, so I'm looking forward to diving in.


I've had the DIY itch for a couple of months, and I am so close to painting every wall I can find. Finances permitting, I'd like to get through two small DIYs I've been planning for a while.

My husband and I are also on the thrift-store hunt for some wall hangings. Adding some wall hangings would be a cheap(ish) way of making our apartment a little more polished, so I'd like to add some this month.


I'm putting this on relative autopilot for the month—nothing new or extensive here. I've been doing fairly well on healthy habits, so I'm just on a mission to continue them.

So this month, I'm committing to attending 20 hot yoga classes. I'm a little bit addicted, so it shouldn't be too difficult.


This will be my biggest stretch. I'm aiming to share 20 posts here on Ennaree, and I'd like to put together a couple of posts over on my other neglected blog.

My plan is to announce Ennaree over on Minimal Millennial by the end of the month, so I want my readers over there to have some great content to scroll through when they arrive here.

I'm also hoping to put together an email newsletter, I just have to figure out a format and frequency that I can be happy with.

Cheers to August

July felt like it was moving in the right direction, so I'm wishing you all some good momentum and a hearty piece of peace as you dive into August.

What are your goals for August?

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