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A Nourishing Weekend

A Nourishing Weekend

One of my three words for 2016 is nourishment. I have a bad track record of putting many other things before taking care of myself, so I decided to really focus on self-care this year.

While I'm primarily focusing on my food and drink intake, it's also a great concept to apply to all areas of life. I want to nourish my relationships and nourish my brain this year too.

More good books, more good talks with friends. Playing more games and going on more dates with my husband. Doesn't sound like a bad plan, right?

Anyways. Nourishing myself means learning to properly listen to my body and give it what it needs. Hearing that little voice can be tough, especially if you're like me and other obligations are competing for your attention. 

So this weekend? My body wanted fruit. And lots of it.

Fruit Plate

I was tired and underhydrated after the long week, so a long walk, a giant fruit plate, tons of water and a good beer were all very welcome.


It helped me to reset how I want to care for myself this week, and served as a reminder to just chill out and enjoy some of the best things in life.

So whenever I'm not working this week, I'm going to be taking full advantage of this lovely, cool LA weather to run and wander my neighborhood. And I'm going to keep fruit and veggies on hand so I can resist the temptation of the mac & cheese that's sitting in my cupboard.

Founder's IPA and Fruit

I hope you get a chance this week to take time to listen to whatever it is that needs your attention. 

How are you nourishing your mind, your body or your relationships this week?

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