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30 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30, And 30 Happy Things I Have Already Done

Today I feel smooth like seaglass. I feel the ease of a breeze under my gull wings, and all my sadnesses are distant crashes of a tide that’s finally gone back out to sea.

Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I have about four more months until I turn 28, and I’ve been thinking a lot about 30 lately. Mostly I’ve been thinking that it’s not nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be. I see plenty of people in their 30’s and 40’s here in Los Angeles who still feel vibrant and young, and it reminds me that age is just a pesky number

It’s different back in Indiana—there are a lot more expectations of what 30 looks like, and now I’m excited to unlearn all of those “rules”.

As I’ve been writing this list, I’m happy about what I’ve done in my life and what I still hope to have time to do. I encourage you to try this too, it’s a really great check-in and gives you all the warm fuzzies when you look back at all the happiest moments of your life.

Without further ado, here are 30 happy things I’ve done in my first (almost) 28 years of my life:

  1. Been published in an arts magazine

  2. Completed in a 30 day hot yoga challenge

  3. Got rid of nearly everything I’ve ever owned and moved across the country

  4. Gotten married

  5. Made a content marketing presentation to people at IBM about cloud computing

  6. Met Josh Groban

  7. Competed in a ballroom dance competition (and got to see Arnold Schwarzenegger)

  8. Gone to a Los Angeles fashion show as Press

  9. Sewn a dress for myself

  10. Dyed my hair a handful of colors (once with Kool Aid), and cut it all off to a pixie cut two separate times

  11. Interned at a literary magazine

  12. Learned how to play two instruments, with a vague understanding of three more

  13. Changed my education/career path eight times. (fashion design, then interior design, then creative writing, then graphic design, then social media marketing, then content marketing/PR, then data management, then consulted for a tech startup, and now editorial)

  14. Shattered a double-pane sliding glass door (hey, the door locked behind us somehow and it was late on a very cold night)

  15. Danced on a table

  16. Seen Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj front row at a concert

  17. Developed a writing habit (heyo, this one’s fresh & meta)

  18. Lived alone

  19. Been interviewed for a podcast

  20. Won a cross country race

  21. Climbed mountains in Canada

  22. Been class president

  23. Composed an original song and performed it at an open mic night (I believe it was called “Saltwater Coffee”)

  24. Learned how to do a crow pose in yoga

  25. Been a skating carhop at a drive-in diner

  26. Been to concerts at The Greek and The Dolby Theater

  27. Made paper, and worked at a handmade paper company. Almost bought said paper company

  28. Created a blog with a couple thousand followers and over 40,000 visitors in a year

  29. Taken initiative to ask for antidepressants, then decided they weren’t for me

  30. Been a caregiver of and friend to three magnificent rabbits

And here are 30 things I would like to do by the time I’m 30!

  1. Do an unassisted handstand

  2. Dye my hair pink or strawberry blonde

  3. Create a chapbook of poetry

  4. Get a piece published in a literary magazine

  5. Get out of credit card debt

  6. Travel abroad

  7. Have a regular doctor

  8. Have a guest bedroom (or even just a pull out couch for the love of all things holy)

  9. Go to Vegas

  10. Go on vacation with friends

  11. See a Broadway show and explore New York City

  12. Have a solid grasp on my physical health (especially women's health, if ya know what I mean)

  13. Make a YouTube channel

  14. Take an improv class

  15. Go to a fancy LA party or club

  16. Have a beach vacation (maybe try suring!)

  17. Paint my apartment

  18. Get a newer, safer car

  19. Send actual gifts (not gift cards) to my nephews, siblings, and parents for birthdays and Christmas

  20. Have a financial plan, and invest and donate regularly

  21. Play a musical instrument regularly

  22. Spend a weekend in San Diego

  23. Go on a yoga retreat

  24. Have a regular organization/cleaning habit

  25. Have a few pieces of unique art in my home that I love

  26. Meet every baby my friends have/are having

  27. Write a novel

  28. Have a Los Angeles-based girlfriend who I can be weird with and go on adventures with

  29. Be out of my personal student loan debt

  30. Run a half marathon


What do you want to accomplish in the next couple of years?

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