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My Intentions for 2017

My Intentions for 2017

I took my time choosing my words this year, because I feel a very different energy than last year. I'm ready to put myself out into the world!

Last year was focused on finding some peace where I was at, and this year is going to be about expanding my world, physically, mentally and emotionally. Without further ado, here are my guiding words and intentions for 2017:

I want to explore more.

Last year was pretty sedentary in many ways, which lead to a bit of stagnation. I ran out of steam easily because I wasn't exposing myself to new and exciting people, places or things.

This year, I want to focus on exploring. Obviously, this means travelling. But in addition, I want to start trying some new things to determine just what it is that I want my next step in life to be. I joined the yoga studio last year, and through that exploration I've realized that I don't feel the urge to become a yoga teacher quite yet (which surprised me!)

So here's to self-exploration alongside world-exploration, and to all of the surprises that will come along with it.

I want to create more.

Writing is at the top of this list, but I want to inject more creativity into my day-to-day life. I'm looking to spruce up my wardrobe and my home with intentional purchases that bring me life! I've been rocking dark colors for a while now, and I think it's time to get back to some of that pink I used to wear head to toe.

There's something about the changing of a year that really lights my fire, so I'm excited about what creative projects will bring me this year.

It's time to radiate.

This one was the first intention to come to my list. I've been a shrinking violet for years, and now it's time for me to bloom like never before.

While last year I focused on self-love and self-care, this year is all about self-confidence. I'm looking to share more openly with others, to dress myself boldly and to share compassion and happiness wherever there is doubt or crushing gossip.

If I'm expanding my horizons, I want to help others expand theirs too. I'll still be kind and gentle, but it's time to shine and take up space in this world.

Why these words spoke to me

Now, more than ever, creating and exploring are essential to a progressive life. In light of all the nasty politics (ahem, Trump) we're seeing censorship, xenophobia and a distinct lack of empathy.

I want to break down any borders I've put up, crack open my worldview, and work on learning (and unlearning) things in order to become a more empathetic and informed person.

In doing so, I hope to radiate that to others who may be feeling dejected about the election. It's not the time to shrink back into our homes and say "what happens, happens." This is the time to explore and find for yourself what you can contribute to a hurting society.

Happy 2017, friends.

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