Rabbits Year Round: Decor Inspiration

There are bunnies everywhere right now. Plastic, wicker, paper, you name it and there's a rabbit made from it. 

I've been kind of anti-holiday decorating (except for Christmas) for a few years. Call me a scrooge, but I'm not crazy about the cheapness and storage requirements of most seasonal decorations.

Why can't I just have joyful things in my home year-round?

So since Easter is this weekend, I thought I’d take a look at some ways to incorporate bunnies into your decor on a more permanent basis. A few tips:

  • Stick to neutral colors. White, black, grey and gold are subtle but sophisticated.
  • Avoid anything too cartoony - unless you already have that style in your home.
  • Don't overdo it. One or two rabbit items can go a long way!

And just a quick note: if you’re thinking of adopting a real bunny for Easter, do your research! The little guys are a 10-12 year commitment and they are just as rewarding as a dog or a cat if you treat them properly.

1. Rabbit with Specs Pillow | http://bit.ly/22rUYyY

2. Superhero Rabbit Screenprint by HAM | http://bit.ly/1o1t9ur

3. Kissing Bunnies Ring Holder | http://bit.ly/25fqFdJ

4. The Emily + Meritt Brass Bunny Table Lamp | http://bit.ly/1WCl8If

5. Bunny Bookends | http://bit.ly/1pEZfOe

6. The Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock | http://bit.ly/1U1btgv

Happy Easter!