I'm Emily Torres.

I'm an Indiana native who now lives in Los Angeles with my husband and our two rabbits. This blog is my space to share my journey towards a more intentional and fulfilling life.

This is a blog about doing more with less and appreciating the beautiful little things in life. Read on below for Ennaree's mission statement.

Things I love:

  • DIYing whatever I can
  • Talking to every rabbit I see
  • Crocheting weird & practical things
  • Exercise & nutrition
  • Coffee & tea
  • Craft beer
  • ...actually all beer

Ennaree's mission statement

Ennaree is a blog for women who believe that simple can be sexy.

Instead of big closets, Ennaree promotes big ideas.

Instead of seasonal trends, Ennaree encourages embracing your style during each season of life.

Instead of wealth, Ennaree stands for wellness.

Above all, Ennaree is about kindness - to yourself and the world around you.


You may see ads on Ennaree. I hand-select them as much as possible to promote brands I love. I want this blog to grow to support itself and to help me continue spreading my ideas and my work! Want to drop me a line about the ads you're seeing? Please contact me!